Dembow: Don’t toss out Sanctuary’s Casa Three application prior to its review

From the Paradise Valley Independent

I’m emailing you to frame Councilwoman Julie Pace’s well penned article on the Sanctuary SUP application for Casa Three.

Serving with two members who live in Stone Canyon (Council members Pace and Moore) and having the privilege of knowing several residents who live in the neighborhood I understand the community concerns well.

There is zero possibility that I will be in support of a plan that has noise and lights that disrupt the residential neighborhood next to the Sanctuary resort. Period!!!

This said I believe that the Sanctuary owners and Paradise Valley residents Bill Nassikas and Scott Lyons and their general manager Mike Surguine have been good neighbors and community members. I know several Paradise Valley residents who are members of the Sanctuary and enjoy their resort for: exercise at the gym, spa treatments, massages, drinks and world class dining.

Read the entire article at this link.