Paradise Valley Leaders Deserve our Gratitude

Before we enter into the summer months and many Paradise Valley residents begin to travel, I wanted to take a moment to express a bit of gratitude toward a number of people in our community.

Paradise Valley is truly a place that lives up to its name, and it’s in no small part to a group of public servants — former and current — who have given selflessly of their time, energy and expertise.

The town in which we live has been fortunate to have a long line of leaders who have helped define and protect our core principals. They have helped establish a track record of limited yet responsive government, of responsible and considerate development, and of a community with one-acre residential roots.

This work continues today, as the Town Council and Town staff are charged with ensuring these core principals are upheld every single day. It starts at the top, most recently with the work of recently departed Town Manager Brian Dalke and new Town Manager Jill Keimach. They help set the tone for the services the Town provides and ensure our residents’ safety and quality of life.

We are fortunate as well to have an exceptionally talented group of individuals on our Town Council as well, led by Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, who has already shown his commitment to creating compromise and a solid decision-making environment. Paradise Valley residents should very much appreciate his consensus-building approach.

And, the members of the Town Council all bring their own strengths to the table at each meeting. Their service — which, as a reminder, is completely volunteer — helps drive our community forward while protecting what makes it so special.

I hope Paradise Valley residents will take a moment before embarking on their summer plans to appreciate the exceptional community around us, and to feel a sense of gratitude toward the individuals who work so diligently to make our Town what it is. They deserve our thanks for everything they do to preserve our quality of life.

If you wish to reach out to our great staff directly with a question or comment here is a list of the Town team members you’d most like need: 


Paul Dembow

Paradise Valley Town Councilman